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3...2...1...Blast off?

Yesterday, July 5, would have been my work anniversary. 22 years ago, I fell into an amazing hotel career. After a lovely sendoff Thursday night, I spent the holiday weekend just relaxing. And yesterday, I woke up ready to DIVE IN to my new career as a solopreneur coach and mentor! The dawn of the first day of the rest of my life offered so much promise!

I get up super early. I always have been a morning person, and it is not uncommon for me to start work just before 6 am. The hours between 6 and 11 are my most productive of the day. Yesterday, I filled those hours with all of the things you are supposed to do when you work for yourself.

I created content like a madwoman! Emailed a group invite for workshop? Check. Cross posted to an Instagram story? Check. Tweeted the link? Check. Ran a facebook ad? Check. I even went way out of my comfort zone and recorded a video, which I then posted on Linked In. Check. Check. (By the way, posting a video is waaaaay out of my comfort zone, so if you haven't already, please go give it a like. My ego would really appreciate it!)

By 11:30, I was prepared to sit down and write. I'm writing a book this summer, and have imposed upon myself a pretty aggressive daily word count. I had spent the morning in my beautifully curated home office space, and it felt like 11:30 was the perfect time to pack up my laptop and head out. I had no real destination in mind, just the underlying thought that people who work from home also work from coffee shops. That's totally a thing, right?

The thing is, by 11:30, I'd already been drinking coffee for 5 hours, and I wasn't really excited about having another cup. Even as I pulled out of my neighborhood, I wasn't sure where I was going. After driving in a somewhat aimless, yet predictable, circle, I found myself at Dave's Hot Chicken (#notasponsor but #opentoconnect, lol). The chicken tenders were delish, but it didn't feel like the right place to pull out my laptop. Plus, it was lunchtime, and everyone needs a break!

It just made sense to head home after lunch, which I did. I unpacked my laptop, while also entertaining the idea of getting in a workout. Spoiler alert: I took a nap instead.

The rest of the afternoon was spent untangling the mess of a mobile deposit gone wrong (ugh) and impatiently searching for evidence that the morning's content creation was getting attention (sigh). I also managed to eat a lot of snacks (bleargh). And, oh! I should mention that I broke out in hives (yikes)! What the heck?

Throughout the day, I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was a fish out of water. I guess you could say it felt like starting a new job.

I was up before 6 again this morning. And I've shuffled things around a bit. I think I'll try writing in my beautifully curated home office space for a while. And a midday walk through the neighborhood might happen. I still feel a little bit like I'm "on vacation" from my hotel career, but I imagine that feeling will subside over time. I hope that a month from now, I'll be feeling much more comfortable at my new job.

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