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I'm Eleanor Erickson, and I'm so glad to meet you!

I am a hospitality professional with over two decades of experience in hotel operations and development. I inspire hospitality professionals to lead their teams with more confidence, more curiosity, and more creativity!


I am a visionary who believes in creating a sustainable workforce in the hospitality, tourism, and healthcare industries. I help leaders build engaged and empowered teams by elevating team member experiences (TMX). Happy employees attract happy employees, contributing to the sustainability of our workforce!

I am ready to inspire and motivate you! Whether you are looking for a dynamic speaker, a thoughtful mentor, or an industry collaborator, I have the experience and enthusiasm to help you achieve all of your goals! How can I help?

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my story

My work experience includes workshop facilitation, hotel management, bartending, ribbon-barrette-making, and sales. I've sold hotel rooms, holiday giftware, dinner specials (and ribbon barrettes!) among other things. I have worn a nametag and smile for the majority of my working life, and I am most at home when we are talking face to face.

I believe in the power of an infectious smile. I believe in eye contact. I believe in personal pep talks. I believe in the importance of dreaming out loud over extra large cups of coffee. I believe a positive attitude can get you anywhere.


Let me buy you a cup of coffee. Tell me your dreams. I’m going to help you realize them.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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