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Hey, you! Yes, You!

I have this image pinned to my email app, a cheerful throwback to childhood wonder full of sticky fingers, alphabet magnets, and an avocado colored fridge. (I'm not sure all of my primary colored plastic arrangements were quite so motivational!) While refrigerator magnets are a thing of the past for me, this colorfol reminder greets me every time I open my laptop.

It's a great reminder of my potential, yet I surely don't reach the mark of "total champ" every day. As a matter of fact, this champ managed to delete the first draft of this blog post just before hitting the publish button! I will accidentally delete many first drafts this week, I'm sure: first drafts of emails, first drafts of Linked In connections, first drafts of inspirational leadership. There will be slumps and sighs of frustration throughout my days, no doubt about it. I'll bet you know that feeling.

But I'll open up my laptop again, and I'll smile at the reminder staring back at me. I like to thnk that "5 year old me" artfully arranged the letters just for "today me." Thank you, little Eleanor!

Do you ever find yourself needing a reminder of your potential? Where do you draw strength when you are feeling "less than...?" Can I help you with that?

Hey, you! Yes, you! You're a total champ!! Get out there and have a great day!

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