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Stepping Out

I accomplished two cool things this past week:

1) Wrote a syllabus for an undergraduate level course

2) Wore a 2 piece bathing suit to a crowded pool.

What do these 2 things have in common? They both pushed me waaaaay out of my comfort zone! Getting uncomfortable has become sort of my thing over the past twelve months.

I moved from the house where I lived for over ten years into an apartment neighborhood an hour away.

I joined a leadership group full of people I did not know in “real life.”

I started playing golf with strangers.

I stepped away from a career that spanned two decades without a real backup plan.

I accepted a part time faculty position at a university (hence the syllabus).

And yes, I spent several hours at a resort pool wearing a two piece bathing suit (I don’t think my midriff has seen sunlight since the 1970s)!

Some years ago, I came across this visual on Tumblr.